Tri Cycle Farms

October 11, 2016 jamiesmith



Tri Cycle Farms (TCF) is a volunteer, event-based two-acre urban community farm using permaculture techniques located in the center of Fayetteville, Ark. TCF’s mission is growing “Community Through Soil,” as it stewards food awareness, education, and empowerment.


The TCF gardens were developed to address significant food insecurity in our neighboring community. We accomplish this mission through the help of volunteers. TCF invites individuals and groups to get their hands dirty and help us build a more sustainable, food-secure Fayetteville.


Individual volunteers keep our organization running on a daily basis. Volunteers in the garden weed, sow, build the soil, care for plants, mulch, and harvest fresh produce. Learn sustainable farming skills from friendly, knowledgeable Tri Cyclists. Take home free farm-fresh herbs, veggies, and fruit for your efforts as a part of our Thirds Share Program.


Volunteers in our Thursday afternoon food recovery partnership process donations from organic grocery stores, compost inedible produce, and recover and share food that would have otherwise been wasted. Families are always welcome at TCF!


Personalize your volunteering experience! Tri Cyclists design projects such as a water catchment system, an indoor aquaponics garden, and an upcoming hydroponics house. Specialized volunteering helps to build your skill set and resume. Are you a photographer? Help us cover an event! Experienced in grant writing? Share and develop your language skills! Expert in food or craft? Propose a workshop! Let’s build community through soil!


Service groups from educational, community, and faith-based organizations, as well as large and small businesses, help us accomplish goals such as re-routing water flow, digging a pond, moving massive amounts of mulch, and building our upcoming chicken complex. Farm tours provided to each new group introduce the vision and scope of TCF.


Workdays mix environmental education with physical activity and cooperation. Build relationships within your organization while performing service and increasing visibility in the community. Student groups of all ages benefit from working outdoors in teams to complete big tasks, and university groups can fulfill required service hours at TCF. Work together to provide a valuable service to the community and build relationships within your organization. Help us accomplish in an hour what it would take a week to do alone!


In September of every year, TCF hosts its biggest fundraiser, Pesto Fest, a celebration of flavor, community, music, and our beautiful garden. This year was our fifth Pesto Fest, and it was a great one! We need volunteers before and during the event every year, which presents another great opportunity to get involved.


More information about sponsorship packages, volunteer opportunities, or a tour is available on our website, You can also connect with us on Facebook.


There is a place for everyone at Tri Cycle Farms!