AD: Why your student’s car needs a back-to-school inspection

August 12, 2016 jamiesmith No comments exist

As thousands of high school and college students head back to school in the coming weeks, they should be focused on class schedules, books, and making new friends. What shouldn’t be a concern is car trouble.


The best way to avoid car trouble as the student travels to college or commuting to classes is to have a back-to-school car inspection. Having your student’s vehicle inspected by a professional auto repair provider like Car Clinic in Springdale helps make sure they have a successful, safe start to the school year.


When our customers bring their cars in for a back-to-school inspection, we check over the entire car with special attention being paid to the systems and components that are often the culprit when there is car trouble. First, we get a history of the car. A history, like when you go to the doctor, is important for us to best understand what work has been done on the car and when.

Some of the components we check include:

  • Battery– We check for the battery to make sure it’s staying charged and the connections are secure. We check how well it’s charging but also a visual inspection including checking for corrosion and possibly loose connections.
  • Alternator-The alternator is a vital component of your car’s electrical system.  As the alternator starts to fail, functions in the car start to not function well including the lights and radio. A failing alternator will also result in the battery needing “jumped” frequently. You don’t want your student to discover they have a bad alternator while they are driving away to school in a different state.
  • Fluids-We check to make sure all the fluids are at the right levels and functioning the way they should. Without the proper fluids, key systems will not work properly. This includes brake fluid, coolant, engine oil, and windshield wiper fluid.
  • Tires-If tires are not properly inflated, rotated and treaded, it can create a dangerous situation. At best, the tires will wear unevenly, decreasing the life of your tire and affecting the car’s gas mileage.
  • Timing belt-We check the timing belt to make sure it doesn’t need replacing. The last thing you want to do is send your student off to college with a worn timing belt that could break. When some timing belts stretch or break, the engine is damaged and requires extensive repair or replacement. It is best to get the timing belt done with a local mechanic you know and trust rather than relying on someone you don’t know in a different state.

The last part of our back-to-school inspection is to offer advice to the students on proper car care. This includes telling them to get the car in the shop immediately if the check engine light comes on, to never let the gas tank go lower than a quarter tank, and to get the oil changed on regular intervals.

Car Clinic LogoWe are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Contact Car Clinic today to schedule a back-to-school inspection for all your family’s vehicles, but especially those your student will be driving to school.


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