NTI Business and Industry Training Center

January 20, 2017 jamiesmith


In 1996, a group of Human Resource Managers from industries in Northwest Arkansas collectively asked, “How do you raise the skill level of our workforce?”

Collectively, they pooled their resources and created Northwest Arkansas Industries for Education, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) consortium of area businesses and industries, with the purpose of creating customized, skill-based training that are designed to suit a wide range of manufacturing needs.

In the last quarter of 2015, Northwest Arkansas Industries for Education became NTI Business and Industry and offers short-term industry certifications to meet the training needs in Northwest Arkansas and across the nation. In the past 21 years, this vision has become a reality.

Now nationally recognized as a unique, hands-on industrial-technical training center, NTI Business and Industry delivers specialized, high-tech skills training.  Progress has most certainly been made, but our work is not complete.  There are still many trades that will be lost if these vital skills and trades are not passed down and these valuable positions replenished.

Elevating the skills of our workforce is vital to our success, as a region and a nation. NTI Business and Industry is continually looking for organizations to join us in partnering for a stronger workforce. You can join our efforts to increase awareness of the need for more workers who are trained in these skills. Inquire about becoming a member of our consortium and also follow our progress at www.ntibit.com, by clicking one of the links below.  Of course, any type of donation, monetary or material, makes a difference and is greatly appreciated. Together, we can raise the skill level of our workforce.