Elizabeth Richardson Center

November 15, 2016 jamiesmith

erc-logoThe Elizabeth Richardson Center (ERC) is the most comprehensive provider of disability services in Northwest Arkansas.  We have been operating as a non-profit organization and enhancing the lives of children and adults with special needs since 1963! Our mission is to enhance the lives of individuals with special needs.

SERVICES: ERC operates a total of five Child Development Centers in Farmington, Fayetteville, Huntsville, Springdale, and Siloam Springs that serve the needs of children six weeks to five years of age with developmental delays or disabilities ranging from ADHD to Down syndrome. We also offer job training options to high school students beginning in their sophomore year through our School to Work program.

erc1ERC provides services to adults ages 18 and over in a wide variety of programs including vocational training, supported employment/job placement, life skills training, community involvement, residential options and recreational activities.

The life skills program is designed to teach our adult clients how to live independently. Skills such as money management, grocery shopping, personal hygiene, laundry and cooking are taught individually and in small groups. ERC’s intermediate care facilities (ICFs) goal is to provide a supportive environment while assisting residents with the progression from dependent to independent living.  Many residents will move on to an even more independent living option through the Medicaid Waiver program.

erc-2RICHARDSON INDUSTRIES: Richardson Industries specializes in contract services to businesses of all sizes. For over 45 years, we have successfully provided a diverse customer base with a wide range of contract manufacturing services. Our stable workforce enables us to guarantee the highest quality services which include packaging, sorting, electronic and mechanical assembly.

Richardson industries gives our adult clients the ability to maintain paid work while learning soft and hard job skills in order to prepare them for employment in the community. Once, the staff feels comfortable that the client is ready, our community employment team help the individual find and maintain employment in or around the Springdale area.

HOW CAN YOU HELP: The support of Northwest Arkansas residents and businesses is vital to the success of ERC’s mission. Any type of donation, monetary or material, makes a difference and is greatly appreciated. Also the donation of an individual’s time is always valued. ERC is continually looking for volunteers to help at any of our locations. Please go to www.ercinc.org for more information on how you can help enhance the lives of individuals with special needs.