ad: Tips for choosing where to place electrical outlets

December 1, 2016 jamiesmith
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Chris Phan
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Chris Phan

Remember when you were moving into your home or business, and you wished there were more electrical outlets or that light switch that is in the wrong place? It happens to everyone, whether the outlets or switches are in the wrong place or there simply are not enough throughout the house. Here are some things to consider when installing new outlets or switches in your home or business.


Installation and code

The most important aspect of installing new outlets in your home or business is that any electrical outlets or switches need to follow current codes and standards and should be installed by a licensed and insured electrician.


The National Electric Code is maintained by local government and describes the minimum number and general location of electrical outlets and switches throughout your home or business. The electrician installing your new outlets should be familiar with the current codes and standards of the local Inspection Office, and can help you with any questions you may have.


What about the bedroom?

When you are installing new outlets or switches, it is important to have a general furniture layout for each room. For instance, there really does not need to be an outlet behind the bed, but rather it should be close to where the night stand will be placed. Now, think about the light switches. Commonly, the light switches are put next to the door, but you can also consider putting one next to the bed. Don’t forget to add an outlet or two in your closet, especially if it is a walk-in closet.


Looking at the living room

If your living room lacks outlets, it is probably because of your entertainment center is using all the available outlets. The best solution is to add additional outlets or expand the existing ones. You should also take into consideration the layout of the television and the couch. People often like to charge their phones while watching TV, some outlets have USB ports built into them, so strategically placed outlets allow this to be easily accomplished.


Safety tips to consider

When installing new outlets in areas like the kitchen and the bathroom, you need to consider the environment. Because both areas are constantly at risk from water, the outlets need to be carefully placed. It is wise to put the outlets close to where you will be using appliances, but still a safe distance away from the water.


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