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November 1, 2016 jamiesmith
Courtesy Flickr use Jim Simonson
Courtesy Flickr user Jim Simonson

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of year! Are you excited to decorate your tree and start making gingerbread houses? Decorating your house, inside and out, is quite a process. Here are some helpful tips for getting the most out of your holiday lighting and decorations while keeping your family and property safe.


Don’t go overboard


Not only do too many lights placed haphazardly on the house and yard look a bit like it came from the movie Christmas Vacation, it can be dangerous. Develop a plan for where your lights will go, which includes which electrical outlets you will use.


Make sure everything works


Another important holiday lighting tip is to ensure that your lights are in good working order. This is true whether its indoor or outdoor lights. Check each light string for broken sockets, frayed cords, or faulty plugs. Replace damaged strings. Oh, and always unplug light strings while replacing bulbs. A common lighting mistake that is made is when people just jump to the decorating and forget to check all their strings of lights. Also, if you have inflatable décor or animated lighting, make sure that all parts of decorations are working.


Which lights to use


If you have to go out and purchase new lights for the holiday season, you should do some research. Nowadays, buying LED lights is popular, because it cuts on energy costs and the bulbs last longer than ordinary lights. The LED lights also will not overheat, making them often a safer option to use.


It’s also important to make sure you only use lights that are rated for how you will use them. Indoor lights should never be used outdoors and outdoor lights should never be used indoors. All lights must also have the UL symbol.


Cords should be plugged into outlets equipped with GFCIs. You can use a portable GFCI if your outdoor outlets are not equipped with them, but we recommend having our crews install GFCI before you start holiday decorating.


It is likely that you will need to utilize extension cords in your holiday decorating. Be cautious to only use cords that are rated for the use (indoor/outdoor). Keep the cords out of high traffic areas to that the cords are not damaged but also so that no one trips.

Decorating for the holiday is exciting and sometimes stressful, but it can also be a ton of fun. If you have any questions regarding your holiday lighting or how much your house can handle, please reach out to Amp Electric at our website. We’d love to answer any questions about our residential or commercial electrical services.

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