ad: Find the perfect gift with this dōTERRA holiday gift guide

November 16, 2016 jamiesmith


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As Christmas and other holidays approach, millions of people are searching for that perfect gift. I, as your dōTERRA wellness advocate have the perfect solution!


I highly recommend our spa products, Salon Essential Hair Care line, and the Essential Skin Care products, especially the new Veráge skincare line. The Veráge line is getting rave reviews and I highly recommend it for Christmas gifts (or an anytime gift to yourself).


The Veráge line comes with individual four skincare products that can also be purchased as a set. Each skincare product contains dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils.

The four products in the Veráge skincare line are:

  • Veráge Cleaner
  • Veráge Immortelle Hydrating Serum
  • Veráge Moisturizer
  • Veráge Toner.


Don’t just take my word for it, though. Three of my customers shared their thoughts on their dōTERRA spa product lines that they either use themselves, or sell to customers.


“As a guy I have never been into skin care, my dōTERRA rep Maggie insisted I try it for two weeks. Oh my gosh, I love it! I love the shampoo and the body wash. My face and my scalp are cleaner and more refreshed! Clean and pure essential oils make these spa and skincare products special.” (D. Perry)

“Having been an Esthetician for over 20 years and having used the finest products created from all over the world, I cannot say enough about the dōTERRA skin care. The Veráge is amazing! My clients love it, I love it. It is clean and the most exciting part of the system is that it is transdermal—meaning it goes onto the skin and is absorbed at the cellular level making it unique in the skincare world. Each of my clients using it absolutely loves the aroma. Aromatherapy is part of the experience—the Veráge is made with dōTERRA pure therapeutic grade essential oils! The ingredients are wonderful, blended together just the right way to deliver awesome results!” (Kelly G.)



“I have been using dōTERRA’s skin care and spa products for about five years now – and I love them all! The Veráge skin care line has given my skin a smoother appearance, and helped to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. As I have grayed, my hair has gotten coarser and seemed to lose its luster. The shampoo and conditioner left it much softer and put back the shine! The lotions absorb so easily into the skin and are not greasy at all. And I’m thrilled with the expanded spa line – mud mask, sugar scrub, body butter, and shower gel! doTerra’s commitment to quality and purity gives me confidence that I have products that not only work, but also nourish my skin and my body with plant-based ingredients and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils!” (Ann R.)


Helping your loved one get started with the Veráge products or any of our dōTERRA  spa products are a great Christmas gift that will help them all year long. Want other ideas? You can also shop the dōTERRA Holiday Products, many which are only available as long as supplies last! Just visit my website then click on “Shop” then choose the Holiday Products.

Give me a call to order any of these products as a gift for someone or for yourself. You can also find out about other amazing doTerra products!